McKenzie Monks Foundation

Thank You for the case full of great gifts that my son Ryan received two weeks ago. It was a shock for all of us. But the thought makes me feel a great love for you. I’m sure all the families you have helped out feel the same. Even though the case was for Ryan, it has helped out the whole family. The way the DVD player keeps him entertained on the two hour drive from Globe to Phoenix. The games he can play with is a great help when he is unable to play like the other kids. He can even share the things with his sister Amara.

God Bless all of you that have given your time to comfort our children. I wish I knew what I could say to help you to understand all that is happening with our family. It’s still hard to understand why cancer is living within my baby. But it’ll be so much better for us, thanks to you all.

You will be in our prayers.

Always Thankful,
Michael, Randy, Ryan, and Amara