Dear Monks Family,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Robin and my son, Phillip, is under the care of Dr. Baranko at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for ALL. He is on maintenance therapy for his Leukemia and has one year left. In August, at our scheduled appointment, he was particularly saddened by the thought of going yet again to his chemotherapy and I was dreading taking him in for what often seems like a never ending cycle. The nurses told him they had a surprise for him and brought in the most amazing suitcase of toys, treats and special things. I, of course, was immediately in tears and it changed the entire day. He was so excited, now sleeps with his Bob the Builder blanket every night on his bed and feels so proud of his suitcase and its contents.

I was particularly struck by several things that day and wanted to share them with you. After hearing the story of McKenzie I was filled with such sorrow for your family and amazed at the way you have made her legacy so positive. I was acutely aware of how outstanding our efforts were to create and implement Kenzie Kases for children you don’t know and would never see. Also I was so filled with gratitude and a feeling of how “Lucky” we were to still be fighting with Phillip.

I am writing to thank you so very deeply for what you have done not only for my son but other families as well and also complement you on your ability to transcend tragedy by focusing on something so positive. You must all be so strong and I hope to exhibit some of those same qualities. I would Love to know more about your foundation and any fundraisers you have in the future.

God Bless you and your family and thank you so much. You bought such joy to a little boy who certainly has seen his share of tough days.