Dear Mrs. Monks,

My name is Lisa and my son Jonathan received your wonderful McKenzie Kase. I want to thank you so very much, my son Jonathan teared up when he saw it. Jonathan is 15 years old and this past October we discovered he had a 2 inch tumor in his brain. A Teratona with Endodernal Sinus (yoke sack tumor) also involved. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has never seen a tumor like his at the hospital, but that just the beginning. Jonathan was born with a chromosome abnormality. His is moderate to mild mentally challenged, autistic tendencies seizure disorder and had behavioral problems. The tumor has made things for Jonathan more difficult, probably the cause of some behaviors. So when he received the case and for him to cry was real big for us.

We have a long hard road to cross but with your help, our days will be a little brighter.

Thank you so very much! (Again)
Lisa and Jonathan