Kenzie Kase Celebrates 10 Years

Nearly 3000 Kenzie Kases have been handed out since the creation of the Kenzie Kase in September 2004. The suitcase is designed from the case that McKenzie took with her while she was going through cancer treatments. The Kenzie Kase’s have been given to kids (newborn to 22 years of age) for the past 10 years.

The Kenzie Kase is a suitcase that helps kids cope with the process of fighting cancer whether it’s passing time traveling to and from, appointments at the oncology clinic, hospital stays or just fun at home. Each Kase is individually packed for each child fighting their battle. The hospitals provide the Mckenzie Monks Foundation with a list that allows us to pack a Kase that is appropriate for the age and gender of each child. The case is filled with a 10 inch DVD player, movies, DS – video game player (5 and older), video games, toys, arts and crafts, and a soft blanket to snuggle with. Each Kase has a value of 500 to 800 hundred dollars.

The Kenzie Kases are always received with pure happiness, big smiles, laughter and sometimes tears of joy from the kids and family members.