Tom Lehman

In 2003, a very special little girl lost her battle against cancer. McKenzie Monks was only 4. My wife, kids and I knew her and have known her family for over 10 years. To say that the past few years have been difficult and painful would be a gross understatement. She was a wonderful little girl who was a part of a wonderful family.

In her memory and in her honor, the Monks family has set up a foundation to benefit children who are fighting cancer. It is their desire that children who are battling for their lives should be able to do it in an environment that provides not only the best medical care, but also the most uplifting, positive and encouraging one as well. It is their desire that the families of these children are cared for and not overlooked. Their foundation has been created to fill a void that they experienced firsthand. It would again be a personal favor to me and to the Monks family if you would be willing to donate your time to help raise money for the McKenzie Monks Foundation. At the end of the day, this foundation will provide a ray of sunshine and a glimmer of hope to children in dire circumstances, and as we all know, sometimes that is all that is needed.

I appreciate your consideration of this request. The detailed information about the day of golf, dinner and other events are under a separate letter, but just know that your support of this is really honoring the memory of a child who changed the world she lived in, the few brief years she was here.

I wish the very best for you in all you do and hope that your today and tomorrows bring nothing but joy and peace. I hope to see you in April for the 5th Annual Golf Classic.

Warmly and respectfully yours,
Tom Lehman