Cathy House, Phoenix Children's Hospital - Two

Dear Monks Family,

I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy you and your donors have given to our Oncology patients. When we walk into their rooms with the Kenzie Kase they don’t quite know what to expect. After they unzip it and begin to pull out all of the wonderful gifts, a huge smile begins to appear on their faces. I’ve even had one child say, “it seems like all the toys just keep coming!” They are so surprised at the final gift of the DVD player. So many of our kids come from families that can’t afford such an extravagant luxury. It’s so much fun to go into their rooms when they are all snuggled in their beds watching their own movies!

I want to personally thank you for all of the toys and craft supplies that you have purchased on our Wish List for our playroom. This is pretty much the only way we have to stock our cabinets with really fun and different crafts. A lot of times people think of really young children in the hospital but on our floor we have quite a few teenagers. Your generosity in giving different items to our teens really makes a difference in their stay here at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Infants and teens both get lost in the shuffle, it’s nice to be able to call you and ask for our specific needs. Toys are what make a playroom fun!

Please thank everyone who donates to this cause, it is such a ray of sunshine for so many of our patients and families. We really appreciate all of your help and love.


Cathy House
Child Life Department
2nd Floor Playroom