Cathy House, Phoenix Children's Hospital - One

Dear Denise, Rich and girls,

Hi! I thought you would all enjoy this card that our patient Beta made for you and to let you know how absolutely thrilled she was to receive her Kenzie Kase. She was up in the Teen Room the day you delivered it so you left it on her bed. When she came in and opened it up she started screaming. I have never seen anyone so excited, she just kept saying she wanted to hug someone! She hugged everyone she saw. She was the one who asked if she could make you a card – without us suggesting it. That’s so unusual. Obviously, it meant so much to her. Beta lives on the Navajo Reservation so these gifts were definitely a total surprise and ones that she would never be able to buy.

Next, is the picture of Cody who was so happy that he actually climbed into the Kase and was pulling each thing out laughing the entire time. We thought a picture was worth a thousand words.

This has been such a wonderful treat for all of the kids and for us to see how much joy each of you has brought. McKenzie’s wonderful, happy spirit truly lives on. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy these two little gifts of appreciation. See you soon!


Cathy House
2nd Floor Playroom
Phoenix Children’s Hospital